Promising Practices

In this section:

Primary Reviewer: Based on Promising Practice identified

Secondary Reviewer: Optional

Authority: 45 CFR 75.301


A promising practice refers to an activity, procedure, approach, or policy that may lead to improved outcomes or increased efficiency for health centers. HRSA collects these promising practices to share externally with other stakeholders. 

The site visit team should:

  • Use this section of the report to document any promising practices observed during the course of the site visit;
  • Closely follow the methodology below to determine if anything is a promising practice; and
  • List no more than two promising practices for each site visit.


Site Visit Team Methodology

  • Identify promising practices in one or more of the following areas: 
    • Health Center Program requirement;
    • Health center clinical performance;
    • Any services or the integration of services, including: 
      • Medical health care;
      • Oral health care;
      • Behavioral health care; or
      • Enabling services;
    • Health center administration and operations (for example, staff recruitment, staff education);
    • Health center governance practices; or
    • Health center financial performance.
  • Assign an identified promising practice to one of three major categories: 1) Clinical Services, 2) Governance, or 3) Management and Finance.
  • Select all subcategories that apply. More than one subcategory may be linked to a promising practice. Examples of subcategories include: 
    • Behavioral Health - Mental Health
    • Preventive Health - Cancer Screening 
    • Business Operations - Patient Cycle Time
  • Include the following four components for each promising practice: context, detailed description, outcome, and implementation. 
  • Complete the Permission to Share and Point of Contact questions to support sharing of the promising practice.
  • Complete the Relevant Documentation question.

Site Visit Findings

  1. Were any promising practices identified as part of this site visit?

    Response is either: Yes or No

  2. IF YES: Select the most appropriate category for this promising practice: Clinical Services, Governance, or Management and Finance. Then select all subcategory elements that apply.
  3. CONTEXT: Clearly describe the health center’s innovation, challenge, or issue.
  4. DESCRIPTION: In detail, describe the practice implemented.
  5. OUTCOME: Describe the quantitative or qualitative data the health center used to show how the practice was effective. 
  6. IMPLEMENTATION SECTION: State how this practice can be implemented in other health centers. List any special needs or costs associated with this activity. What were the required elements for the health center’s successful implementation? For example, board approval, policy, funding, collaborative partners and resources, facility, transportation, community acceptance. 
  7. Did the health center consent to share this practice with others (for example, via BPHC website, other health centers, and technical assistance partners)?

    Response is either: Yes or No

  8. Please provide the name, phone number, and email address for the staff person who should be reached for further information.
  9. List any relevant documentation related to the promising practice (for example, policy, forms, patient education handout).
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