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Read this information with the fiscal year (FY) 2025 Expanded Hours (EH) Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) and example forms. Find these and additional technical assistance resources on Apply for FY 2025 Expanded Hours.

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Budget requirements

How should I present my EH budget request on the SF-424A? 

You can request up to $500,000 in EH funding per year.

Record information for year 1 in sections A-C of your SF-424A. 

Record information for year 2 in section E. 

Leave Section D blank. 

More details:

  • Section A: Request year 1 federal funding (up to $500,000) by subprogram: CHC, HCH, MHC, PHPC. List non-federal funding by subprogram, if applicable.
  • Section B: Break out year 1 federal and non-federal funding by object class category. If applicable, enter minor A/R costs on the construction line and equipment costs on the equipment line for year 1 (up to $150,000 of the $500,000 total). 
  • Section C: Break out year 1 non-federal funding by source.
  • Section E: Request year 2 federal funding (up to $500,000) in the “first” future year column by subprogram: CHC, HCH, MHC, PHPC. Leave other columns blank.

(Added: 5/21/2024)

What non-federal funding should I include in my EH budget proposal?

Include non-federal funds that will support your EH project. Do not duplicate non-federal resources included on your H80 award or any other Health Center Program award. Enter non-federal funds in both your SF-424A Budget Information Form and Budget Narrative attachment.

(Added: 5/21/2024)

What does “scale your federal funding request” mean?

Your funding request should make sense with your proposed project. If your project will not require the full $500,000 in federal funding, your funding request should not be for the full amount. Your application will be reviewed based on how you scale your funding request.

(Added: 6/14/2024)


Can I use EH funding for personnel costs?

Yes. You may use EH funding for personnel costs to support your expanded hours at in-scope sites. List proposed personnel in your Personnel Justification Table and provide information in your Project Narrative. 

(Added: 5/21/2024)

Can I use EH funding to increase the FTE of an existing staff member who is currently less than 1.0 FTE?

Yes. You may use EH funding to increase the FTE of an existing staff member if they do not exceed 1.0 FTE across all awards. Personnel compensation must align with your existing written policies and procedures and 45 C.F.R. § 75.430

(Added: 5/21/2024)

Can I use EH funding for recruitment incentives to secure qualified personnel for this project?

Yes. You may include recruitment incentives in a salary package that you support with EH funding. You should cover any incentives through your indirect cost rate, if applicable. If you do not have an indirect cost rate agreement, you may charge recruitment incentives as direct costs.

(Added: 5/21/2024)

May I use EH funds to pay staff to provide needed services during my current early morning, evening, or weekend hours?

The NOFO focuses on the use of EH funding to ease patients’ ability to access services during new operating hours such as early weekday mornings, weekday evenings, and weekends, when access to primary care may otherwise be limited or nonexistent in their community.

You must use EH funding to add new operating hours when patients can receive in-person services. As long as you add new hours, you may also use a portion of EH funding to add capacity during your current early morning, evening, or weekend hours. For example, if you add new operating hours on a Saturday, you may also use EH funding to add a provider to your current Wednesday and Thursday evening hours.

(Added: 6/14/2024)

Can I use EH funding for overtime pay?

You can use EH funding for overtime if it is consistent with your health center’s policies and procedures. Please note that overtime pay is included in the salary limitation of $221,900.

(Added: 6/20/2024)

Project planning

Can I expand hours at more than one site?

Yes. You are encouraged to make the most of EH funding through the number of hours added and the number of service delivery sites where you expand hours. 

(Added: 5/21/2024)

Can I expand hours at sites already open during non-traditional operating hours?

Yes. You may add hours at any site that is not currently open 24 hours a day, 7 days per week (168 hours per week). You should add hours that meet patients’ needs. We encourage you to select hours that will address scheduling barriers, such as those experienced by patients with nontraditional work schedules.

(Added: 5/21/2024)

Is there a minimum number of hours that I must propose to add?

Yes. You must increase the number of operating hours by 1 or more hours per week. Scale your federal funding request to reflect the size and scope of your proposed project, including total number of additional hours, number of sites, and types of services. This is competitive funding, and the scope and scale of the proposal are part of the review criteria for support requested. 

(Added: 5/21/2024)

Can I offer telehealth during my expanded hours?

Yes. You may offer telehealth services, but they must be in addition to in-person care during your expanded hours. Telehealth-only hours do not count toward expanded hours. 

(Added: 5/21/2024)

Can I use EH funding for security-related costs to ensure the safety of patients and staff during additional late-night hours?

Yes. EH funding can be used for costs such as security cameras, systems, and personnel. The Health Center Safety and Man-Made Threats Resource Packet available on the Health Center Resource Clearinghouse has ideas to help you address health center security, population-specific safety concerns, and cybersecurity.

(Added: 5/21/2024)

Should I fill out the program specific forms in HRSA’s Electronic Handbooks (EHBs) in a specific order?

Yes. We recommend you fill out forms in the following order since information from earlier forms is pulled into later forms: 

  1. H80 Grant Number
  2. Form 1B – Funding Request Summary 
  3. Form 5B – Select Site(s) from Scope 
  4. Minor A/R Information (if applicable)
  5. Project Overview Form 
  6. Equipment List (if applicable) 

Ensure the information in the forms matches the information in your Project Narrative and Budget Narrative.

(Added: 5/21/2024)

If I will use EH funding to offer some services during new operating hours and expand other services during my current early morning, evening, or weekend hours, what services do I mark on the Project Overview Form?

Follow the form instructions and only select the services you will offer during your new operating hours. For example, let’s say you will offer pharmacy and medical services during new operating hours and expand dental services during your current evening hours. You should only select pharmacy and medical services on the Project Overview Form. You can describe the increased dental services in other parts of your application, such as the Project Narrative and Budget Narrative.

(Added: 6/14/2024)

Scope of project

How do I determine if my EH project will require a change in scope (CIS)?

Use the materials on Scope of Project to assess your scope compared to your EH proposed project (Form 5A: Services Provided). For additional guidance use the BPHC Contact Form to contact your H80 program specialist.  

(Added: 5/21/2024)

Can I make changes to my scope of project through the EH application?

No. However, you may submit a CIS or scope adjustment request through the EHBs. We recommend that you submit such requests 60 days before making the change. You may submit a CIS before receiving your EH award. 

(Added: 5/21/2024)

Can I change my Form 5A service delivery method(s) with EH funding? 

Yes. You can change the way services are delivered, but you may not add a new service to scope with this funding. For example, you can hire a provider for a service (column I) that you currently contract out or refer (column II and III). Refer to Scope of Project Resources and submit any questions about scope adjustments and CIS through the BPHC Contact Form by selecting Program Monitoring H80 – Change in Scope.

(Added: 5/21/2024)

How will I document my new hours?

You will complete a scope adjustment through EHBs. Refer to Scope of Project Resources for more information. Submit questions through the BPHC Contact Form by selecting Program Monitoring H80 – Change in Scope. Then, select Scope Verification/Adjustment.

(Added: 5/21/2024)

What if the hours in my Form 5B: Select Site(s) from Scope form in EHBs do not reflect my current hours of operation?

Your hours of operation per week were pulled from your Form 5B: Service Sites the day the NOFO released. If you have questions about the hours in your application, reach out via the BPHC Contact Form by selecting Funding – Applications for Notice of Funding Opportunities (NOFOs) – Expanded Hours (EH).

(Added: 5/21/2024)

Minor alteration and renovation (A/R) and equipment

Can I use EH funding for minor A/R and/or equipment costs?

Yes. You may request to use up to $150,000 of EH funding for minor A/R and equipment costs combined. See Apply for FY 2025 Expanded Hours (Resources for your application) for guidance on the required minor A/R forms and attachments.

(Added: 5/21/2024)

If I propose to use EH funding for minor A/R, do I have to submit a Landlord Letter of Consent?

If you do not own the property where the site is located, you must provide a Landlord Letter of Consent signed by the property owner. See the Landlord Letter of Consent Sample on Apply for FY 2025 Expanded Hours (Resources for your application)

(Added: 5/21/2024)

If I propose to use EH funding for minor A/R, what are the environmental and historic preservation requirements?

For information on environmental and historic preservation compliance requirements, see the Environmental and Historic Preservation Technical Assistance

Minor A/R projects typically do not require a full Environmental Assessment under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). But you may need to comply with other requirements as applicable:

  • If your proposed project involves exterior work (for example, windows or signage) or work on a building that is over 50 years old, it may require State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) consultation under Section 106 of the NEPA.
  • For buildings constructed before 1985, you may need to submit a hazmat study and abatement plan.
  • If your site is in a coastal state, it may require compliance with the Coastal Zone Management Act.
  • If your proposed project is in a 100- or 500-year floodplain, it may require compliance with E.O. 11988, Floodplain Management.

(Added: 5/21/2024)


How will you track my progress?

We will review your scope adjustments to make sure you:

  • Have some increase in hours within the first 6 months. If not, your award may be conditioned or you may not receive year 2 funding.
  • Add your total projected additional hours within 18 months of award. If not, you may not receive ongoing funding.

(Added: 5/21/2024)

What will I report on and how often?

In your Non-Competing Continuation (NCC) progress report, you will report progress, describe lessons learned, and provide an updated year 2 budget and work plan. In your semi-annual progress reports, you will describe accomplishments and barriers. In all reports, you will cite EH-related scope adjustments and changes in scope.

(Added: 5/21/2024)


How do I complete the Application for Federal Assistance (SF-424)?

For detailed instructions, see Section 5.1 of the Two-Tier Application Guide (PDF - 704 KB). The table below includes information on how to respond to specific sections.

Box Number Field Response
1 Type of Submission Application
2 Type of Application New
3 Date Received Leave blank (completed automatically in
4 Applicant Identifier Enter your H80 number
5a, 5b Federal Entity Identifier, Federal Award Identifier Leave blank
12 Funding Opportunity Number HRSA-25-084
14 Areas Affected by Project List the main site where you will implement your EH project (we do not require an attachment)
15 Descriptive Title of Applicant’s Project Expanded Hours
16 Congressional Districts  Include the congressional district for your main site (we do not require an attachment)
17 Proposed Project Start and End Dates The period of performance is December 1, 2024 to November 30, 2026
18 Estimated Funding ($) Enter amount of EH funding requested for year 1 in a. Federal box (up to $500,000)
19 Is Application Subject to Review Under Executive Order 12372 Process?

Select a. if your state is included in the SPOC list (PDF - 195 KB).

If not, select b. Program is subject to E.O. 12372 but has not been selected by the State for review.

(Added: 5/21/2024)

How do I make changes to an application that was submitted in EHBs?

Your authorizing official (AO) can reopen and edit your application any time before the EHBs deadline. For additional details and step-by-step instructions, refer to Reopen Submitted Applications. The AO must resubmit the reopened application in EHBs by 5:00 p.m. ET on the EHBs due date for us to consider the application.

(Added: 5/21/2024)

Can EH affect my H80 patient target?

Yes. We may add your estimated new, unduplicated health center patients to your H80 patient target if your EH funding continues beyond the two-year period of performance. 

(Added: 5/21/2024)

How does the EH funding opportunity differ from New Access Points (NAP) funding?

EH funding is only for current Health Center Program award recipients with an active H80 grant. You can add hours to only your current in-scope sites with EH funding. NAP funding is for organizations to become a HRSA-funded health center or for current Health Center Program award recipients that want to add a new full-time service site. 

Based on your communities’ needs, you might consider applying to one or both funding opportunities: EH funding to expand hours at current sites or NAP funding to add new sites. Learn more about NAP on Apply for FY 2025 New Access Points.

(Added: 6/20/2024)

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