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Apply for FY 2025 New Access Points


Find out how and when to apply for fiscal year (FY) 2025 New Access Points (NAP) funding.

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Get key funding details 

We expect to award $50 million in FY 2025 to 77 applicants.

Funding will support primary health services at new access points.

You must plan to provide health services and comply with Health Center Program requirements within 120 days of award.

Who can apply

You must:

  • Be a private, non-profit entity or a public agency. Tribal and urban Indian organizations may apply. 
  • Propose at least one new site to deliver primary health services for medically underserved populations.
  • Meet all eligibility requirements in the NOFO.

How to apply

Apply in both systems:

  1. Apply by 11:59 p.m. ET on August 15, 2024.
  2. HRSA Electronic Handbooks (EHBs): Apply by 5 p.m. ET on September 30, 2024.

Find resources for your application

Notice of funding opportunity (NOFO)

Go to


  1. Package
  2. Preview in the Actions column
  3. Download Instructions in the Opportunity Package Details view to access the NOFO

Application aids

Unmet Need Score (UNS)

See the NOFO and these resources for more details:

Priority point resources

  • High-need area
    Use the UNS Map Tool to see if your site is in a high-need ZIP code.
  • Sparsely populated area
    Use the Am I Rural? tool to see if your site is in a Level 3 or 4 frontier and remote (FAR) area.
  • Look-alikes
    1.    See the NOFO for details.
    2.    Look in your folder in the EHBs for your scope, compliance, and UDS information.

Attachments and forms

Attachment 1 

Use Health Center Program GeoCare Navigator to create your map and table.

Budget presentation

Program-specific forms instructions

One-time funding forms, samples, and instructions

Find technical assistance

Contact us

If you have a question about: You can reach us at:
Developing your application

BPHC Contact Form 

Under Funding, select:

  1. Applications for Notice of Funding Opportunities (NOFOs)
  2. New Access Points (NAP) 
Your budget

Email Brian Feldman
Call Brian Feldman at 301-443-3190

Email Patrick Johnson
Call Patrick Johnson at 301-443-0770

Call 800-518-4726 (international callers, call 606-545-5035)


Self-Service Knowledge Base


BPHC Contact Form 

Under Technical Support, select:

  1. EHBs Tasks/EHBs Technical Issues
  2. Grant Applications Technical Question

Call 877-464-4772 (select option 1) 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. ET, Monday – Friday (except federal holidays)

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