HRSA Health Center COVID-19 Therapeutics Program

Engaging HRSA-Supported Health Centers

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The Biden-Harris Administration is committed to ensuring our nation's underserved communities and those disproportionately affected by COVID-19 have equitable access to FDA-authorized or approved COVID-19 treatments, such as oral antiviral pills.

HRSA, in partnership with HHS partners, is launching a program to directly allocate a limited supply of several oral antiviral pills for the outpatient treatment of mild to moderate COVID-19 to select HRSA-supported health centers. The federal government has secured a supply of these medications for distribution to the U.S. population following the issuance of Emergency Use Authorizations from the FDA.

This program will supplement state/jurisdictional allocations and aims to ensure equitable access by providing an additional supply directly to HRSA-supported health centers.

Health Center Selections

The program will begin incrementally at select health centers that have pharmacy capacity and specialize in caring for particularly underserved and disproportionately affected populations (e.g., serve a significant number of people experiencing homelessness, migratory/seasonal agricultural workers, residents of public housing, people 65 and older, and those with limited English proficiency), or which have reported significant COVID-19 testing activity in the biweekly Health Center COVID-19 Survey.

This initial phase of this program will provide limited access to these medications to approximately 200 health centers nationwide. As supply increases, HHS and HRSA plan to expand the program to additional health centers in the coming months.

Technical Assistance Resources

Date Last Reviewed:  January 2022