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Resources are available to assist health centers with the successful completion of other UDS forms that are part of a UDS submission (Appendix D: Health Information Technology (HIT) Capabilities, Appendix E: Other Data Elements, and Appendix F: Workforce).

Forms Descriptions

Appendix D, E, and F provide information on HIT capabilities, social risk factor screening, treatment of opioid use disorder, telehealth, outreach and enrollment assists, health center workforce training and use of provider and personnel satisfaction surveys. 


New Crosswalk of Standardized Social Risk Factor Screeners and UDS Appendix D (PDF - 140 KB) Information on how to report patients experiencing food insecurity, housing insecurity, financial strain, and/or lack of transportation based on responses to standardized social risk screener questions.

New HIT, ODE, and Workforce Forms Fact Sheet (PDF - 159 KB) Key terms and helpful hints for completing Appendices D, E, and F.

Outreach and Enrollment Assists Reporting provides responses to common questions about UDS reporting of outreach and enrollment (O/E) assists, as related to affordable health insurance coverage question, on Appendix E: Other Data Elements.


UDS Support Center offers assistance around UDS measures and requirements. Call 866-UDS-HELP or email

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