Staffing and Utilization

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Resources are available to help complete the Uniform Data System (UDS) staffing and utilization tables (Table 5 Staffing and Utilization and Table 5 Selected Service Detail Addendum).

Table descriptions

The staffing and utilization tables (Table 5 and Table 5 Selected Service Detail Addendum) provide information on program category personnel, visits by provider type, patients by service type, and detail on behavioral health integration.


New Table 5: Mental Health/Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Selected Service Detail Addendum Guidance (PDF - 468 KB) provides instructions on how to complete the Table 5 addendum. The Table 5 addendum captures information on mental health services provided by medical providers and SUD-related services provided by medical and mental health providers.

New Virtual Visit Reporting Guide (PDF - 161 KB) offers guidance on counting virtual visits and explains how to complete the Table 5 virtual visits column.

New Nurse Visit Guide (PDF - 111 KB) explains how and when to report nursing visits. The resource includes examples of visit types that may count and types of activities that nurses may perform that do not count on the UDS report.

New Table 5 Fact Sheet (PDF - 290 KB) defines key terms relating to staffing and utilization, highlights changes from the prior year, explains how UDS data are used, provides helpful hints for completing this UDS table and addendum, and outlines the importance of cross-table relationships and considerations.

New UDS Countable Visit Guidance and FAQ (PDF - 187 KB) details the components of a countable visit, describes the types of services that do not qualify as a countable visit, and provides answers to health centers’ frequently asked questions.


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