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Resources are available to help complete the UDS financial tables (Table 8A Financial Costs, Table 9D Patient Service Revenue, and Table 9E Other Revenues).

Table descriptions

The UDS financial tables provide information on expenses by service categories; charges, collections, and adjustments by payer type; sliding fee discounts; patient bad debt write-offs; and other, non-patient service revenue (i.e., grants drawn down).


Table Fact Sheets define key terms, highlight changes from the prior year, explain how UDS data are used, provide helpful hints for completing the UDS tables, and outline the importance of cross-table relationships and considerations.

New COVID-19 Funding Uniform Data System (UDS) Reporting Guidance (PDF - 80 KB) on funding sources administered to health centers and where these funding sources should be reported in the UDS.

New UDS Financial Tables Guidance (PDF - 161 KB) Common reporting considerations and issues for completing UDS Tables 8A, 9D, and 9E.

New Reporting Donations on the UDS (PDF - 192 KB) How to report various types of ‘donations’ a health center may receive throughout the reporting year on Tables 8A and 9E.

New UDS Overhead Cost Allocation Methods (PDF - 206 KB) Description of facility and non-clinical support service expenses and where to report them on Table 8A.

New UDS Managed Care Reporting and Relationship (PDF - 146 KB) Instructions on managed care reporting on Tables 4 and 9D.


Self-Paced Learning Module: Operational Costs and Revenues provides an overview of operational supports at health center programs, describes key terms associated with operational costs and revenue data, and explains the fields within Table 8A, Table 9D, and Table 9E. Estimated length: 1 hour.


UDS Support Center offers assistance around UDS measures and requirements. Call 866-UDS-HELP or email

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